Bismillah ir Rahaman ir Rahaeem.

With the help of Allah Swt, 2022 will end on a positive note for MSWF InshaAllah as we have directed our efforts towards undertaking a humanitarian project in Pakistan. A water filtration plant, housed in a Government Boys High School local to Ahmedadbad, had unfortunately been closed due to lack of funds in maintaining it. With funding from MSWF, new underground pipes and electric motors have been installed and additional work has been done to run an underground pipeline from the main road to the local street.

This project has brought a number of benefits to the local community. The filtration plant will enable the 500-600 students of the school, to obtain clean and filtered water. The clean water will also be available to the local community comprised of approximately 50 households. Also, people, including vulnerable groups like children and the elderly, can now collect water locally, removing the necessity to cross the busy main road. We all know the importance of water, and are reminded of this when we think about the events of Karbala.

The plant is located in: Government Boys High School Ahmedabad, Thana Road, Qila, Ahmedabad, Mahal Ghosia Nagar Tehsil & District Narowal Punjab Pakistan.

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